We are only as good as our references. Here you can read what some of our customers think of us.

CASE STUDY – The Priory School

Better communication with parents

The Priory School, a part of the 3-18 Education Trust, has recently transitioned to the Haldor Homework parent app. Now they hope for increased usage of Teams and a better channel of communication between the school and parents.

Three schoolgirls discussing ideas in classroom

CASE STUDY – Mimers Secondary School

Haldor Enhances Learning at Mimers 

Mimers is a secondary school specialised in students on the autism spectrum. With Haldor and Microsoft Teams, it has become easier for teachers to customise teaching according to the individual needs of the students.

CASE STUDY – Blue Coat School and Eaton Bank Academy 

Haldor extends Microsoft Teams in UK schools with Homework app

Eaton Bank Academy and The Blue Coat School are two of the UK schools that are using Haldor Homework to help parents keep track of their child’s homework and assignments in Microsoft Teams.

Petter och Maria

CASE STUDY – Enköping municipality

Westerlundska upper secondary school

With its 12 national programmes and 1,400 students, Westerlundska upper secondary school is Enköping’s only school for upper secondary education. When the school needed a platform that was fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, it was clear that Haldor was the obvious choice.

CASE STUDY – Bräcke municipality

Kälarne school

With 60 km to the nearest primary school in the municipality in the sparsely populated area of Jämtland, there was a pressing need for reliable, digital tools for Kälarne school. Haldor’s learning platform means the school can now offer greater transparency and clarity for teachers as well as for students and guardians and bridge the distances.

Kälarne skola täckt i snö

CASE STUDY – Älvdalen municipality

Älvdalen school

The school in Älvdalen is on an amazing journey. They have travelled from what they call a “technological stone age” to becoming a school where more students pass all subjects, educators communicate more smoothly and parents are more involved in their children’s learning.

CASE STUDY – Alta municipality

Alta and Sandfallet upper secondary school

When Alta municipality wanted to select a new digital learning platform for two of their largest upper secondary schools, they were looking for a solution that was compatible with Microsoft Teams. Haldor was the preferred supplier, and just a few months after start-up, both teachers and students experience that school life has been made easier.