“A better channel of communication between the school and parents.”

The Priory School, a part of the 3-18 Education Trust, has recently transitioned to the Haldor Homework parent app. Now they hope for increased usage of Teams and better communication with parents.

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The Priory School is a top-rated, secondary, co-ed school located in Shrewsbury that searched for a better way to involve parents in homework. They chose to invest in Haldor Homework.

”Our previous parent app was a bit of a headache for parents, students, and teachers – not very user-friendly. The parent engagement was extremely poor due to difficulty of use and unreliability.” says Jeremy Tudor, Assistant Headteacher at The Priory School.

They also noticed a lack of engagement in Teams from students and wanted an app that parents could use that linked with Teams. Another school in The 3-18 Educational Trust was already using Haldor Homework and gave the recommendation to try the parent app.

“I was really impressed by the demo and the early days support from Haldor. Now we’re hoping to achieve a better channel of communication between the school and parents.”, Jeremy Tudor adds.

Now 3 more secondary schools within the multi academy trust have switched to Haldor Homework to enhance parent engagement.

See how engaged parents are in homework

Make the most out of Haldor Homework by adding the free Parent Engagement app in Teams. Easily access statistics on login activity and contact information for the parents connected to the students in your team.

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