Haldor Education Suite

Extend the functionality of Microsoft Teams with LMS features. The seamless integration makes it possible for schools to work completely in Microsoft Teams which encourages learning and saves time.

Our most popular apps – available worldwide

Haldor Homework

Gives parents access to student’s assignments, and any feedback or assessment giving parents the insights they need to support home-learning.

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Icon Haldor Planning

Haldor Planning

A solution for schools designed to help educators plan lessons and create engaging curricula for the modern classroom.

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Haldor Dashboard

A personal overview that provides a complete view of what you have coming up in the near future. Using the free dashboard, it’s easy to navigate through the functions of Haldor Education Suite.

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Ouriginal’s plagiarism prevention tool in Teams

An automatic text-recognition system made for detecting, preventing and handling plagiarism, regardless of language.

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Additional services – only available in certain countries

Please contact us for more information.

Icon Haldor assignment

Haldor Assignments

Use Haldor Assignments to work with peer- and self-assessments, as well as group assignments. Create and assess assignments based on learning goals.

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Icon Haldor Student Insights

Haldor Student Insights

Make it easy for teachers to access everything relating to the student and student development in a student portfolio in Microsoft Teams.

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Haldor Timetable & Attendance

Show the personal timetables of teachers and students directly in Microsoft Teams. Manage attendance and absence in the timetable.

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Haldor Timetable Plus

Give teachers, students and guardians even more functionality in the timetable. Show a complete overview of assignments, scheduled tests and parent-teacher evenings.

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Haldor Preschool Planning

Create plans and documentation in Microsoft Teams linked to national preschool goals.

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Icon Haldor Guardian

Haldor Guardians

Make it easy for guardians to follow their child’s learning and development, receive up-to-date information and communicate with the student mentor.

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Ikon för Haldor Utvecklingssamtal

Haldor Parent-Teacher Meeting

Lets student mentors add and manage bookable appointments for parent-teacher meetings.

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