Haldor Student Insights

Make it easy for teachers to access everything relating to the student and student’s development. With Haldor Student Insights, you can collect assessments, additional adjustments, individual development plans, forward planning, notes on students and files in one student portfolio, in Microsoft Teams.

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In the student portfolio, student mentors can see all the student’s assessments, additional adjustments, notes and files, regardless of who produced the documentation. This makes it easy for them to gain a clear overall picture of the student and his or her needs.

Individual development plans (IDPs) and forward planning is also accessible in Haldor Student Insights if the school if the school has Haldor Parent-Teacher Meetings.

Collects everything about the student

Everything documented is linked to the student and the student portfolio. This means that assessments, additional adjustments, learning progress, IDPs*, notes and files remain in the student portfolio even if the member of staff writing the information changes positions or leaves.

Simplifies handovers between teachers

It’s simple for new teachers to get an up-to-date picture of the learning and development and goals for each student by looking at the collected documentation in the student portfolio.

Work in the platform you use on a daily basis

Enable teachers to assess student learning progress in the platform they use on a daily basis, i.e. Microsoft Teams. It’s just as easy for students to see their progress and thereby get an insight into how they are doing.

When it’s time for a teacher to set grades, he or she can see all the assessments made since the last grade was set. Similarly, a student can see the assessments on which the grade was based. All grades are listed according to subject in an overview in the student portfolio.

When a teacher publishes a grade, this is automatically shared with the student and his or her mentor. If the school has Haldor Guardians, parents can also see the grade.

Better support for students in need of adjustments

You can easily make any reasonable adjustments needed for students with learning difficulties visable so teachers can take them into account when teaching. A teacher can see the reasonable adjustments when creating a new plan or assignment in Microsoft Teams.

Teachers can both see and create reasonable adjustments when needed for students they teach or mentor. Teachers with the Special Needs teacher role in Haldor can see and create adjustments for all students at the school.

If the school has Haldor Guardians, parents can also see any reasonable adjustments set for their children.

File management

Upload files relevant to the student, e.g. remedial programmes, previous assessments from another school or the student’s CV. It collects them in one place, where the remain whether or not the student mentor is still in position.

Depending on what other Haldor Education Suite services the school has, you can also see assessments, timetables and meetings in the student portfolio.

* requires Haldor Parent-Teacher Meeting

Haldor Dashboard is included free of charge

Haldor Dashboard gives you a personal dashboard in Microsoft Teams, containing everything you have coming up in the near future. The dashboard also makes it simple to navigate through the functions of Haldor Education Suite, such as planning, assignments, timetables, assessments and attendance. The dashboard comes free of charge with all Haldor services.