Haldor Guardians

Make it easy for guardians to follow and be involved in their child’s learning and development, receive up-to-date information and communicate with the student mentor.

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Complete overview for guardians

It is simple for parents to follow their child’s learning and development in Haldor. By logging in, they can see the same information as their child, with the exception of the child’s work documents, which can only be seen by the child.

All information about the child is collected in a learning progress overview for the guardian. Here, they get a complete overview of everything to do with the student’s learning and development, such as assessments, results and attendance.

Communicate directly with student mentors

In Haldor Guardians, guardians can send direct messages directly to their child’s mentor, and receive replies in the same place. Simple, quick and easily accessible.

App for parents – direct notifications by mobile

There is an app for guardians that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. By using the app, they receive direct notifications about their children by mobile.

Combine and get more functions

By combining Haldor Guardians and Haldor Parent-Teacher Meeting, guardians can arrange parent-teacher meetings in Microsoft Teams and receive the information they need to prepare for the meeting.

By combining Haldor Guardians with Haldor Timetable & Attendance, guardians can report absence in Microsoft Teams.

Need a homework app?

With our app Haldor Homework parents can access student’s Microsoft Teams Assignments directly from their phone, tablet or computer. This helps them keep track of when homework is set and due, see the status of the homework, and any feedback or assessment giving parents the insights they need to support home-learning.

Haldor Dashboard is included free of charge

Haldor Dashboard gives you a personal dashboard in Microsoft Teams, containing everything you have coming up in the near future. The dashboard also makes it simple to navigate through the functions of Haldor Education Suite, such as planning, assignments, timetables, assessments and attendance. The dashboard comes free of charge with all Haldor services.