Haldor Timetable & Attendance

Add and display the timetables of teachers and students directly in Microsoft Teams with Haldor Timetable & Attendance. It is also simple for teachers to manage student attendance and absence (legitimate or otherwise) directly in the timetable.

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Create and see your personal timetable

It’s now simple to create and display timetables in Microsoft Teams. Students and teachers just need to log on to Teams to see their daily or weekly timetable.

You can also create Teams meetings in the timetable, e.g. in lessons, making it easier for teachers to gather their students for online lessons. The students can connect to the Teams meeting directly from the timetable.

Gather everything for a lesson in the timetable

Teachers can add links to relevant plans, assignments, web pages, embedded material etc. in a lesson in the timetable. This makes it easier for both teachers and students to access the materials relevant to the lesson directly in the timetable.

Attendance and absence

Teachers can manage attendance and absence directly in the timetable using Haldor Timetable & Attendance. The teacher has the option of indicating whether a student’s absence was legitimate or not for the whole day or parts of it.

If you combine this add-in with the Haldor Guardians add-in, guardians can report absence directly in Haldor.

Haldor Dashboard is included free of charge

Haldor Dashboard gives you a personal dashboard in Microsoft Teams, containing everything you have coming up in the near future. The dashboard also makes it simple to navigate through the functions of Haldor Education Suite, such as planning, assignments, timetables, assessments and attendance. The dashboard comes free of charge with all Haldor services.