Haldor Parent-Teacher Meeting

Allows student mentors to add and manage bookable appointments for parent-teacher meetings and makes it easy for guardians to follow and be involved in their child’s learning and development.

Ikon för Haldor Utvecklingssamtal

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With Haldor Parent-Teacher Meeting, student mentors can add bookable appointments for parent-teacher meetings. They can also add forms to be filled in before and during the meeting.

By combining this service with Haldor Guardians, meetings can be booked, cancelled and rebooked in Microsoft Teams.

Collect everything for a parent-teacher meeting

Collect everything student mentors need for a parent-teacher meeting by combining Haldor Parent-Teacher Meeting with Haldor Student Insights. Student mentors then receive access to all information in the student portfolio, such as results, attendance and assessments in one place in Microsoft Teams.

By collecting all information in one place, student mentors will not need to switch between different systems or look for information during the meeting, thereby saving time.

Individual development plan and forward planning

Create forward planning for your school with your own form templates. The form is simple for teachers, together with students and guardians, to fill in during the parent-teacher meeting.

To make things easier, the teacher can see the whole student portfolio and all documentation about the student when filling in the form during the parent-teacher meeting.

Haldor Dashboard is included free of charge

Haldor Dashboard gives you a personal dashboard in Microsoft Teams, containing everything you have coming up in the near future. The dashboard also makes it simple to navigate through the functions of Haldor Education Suite, such as planning, assignments, timetables, assessments and attendance. The dashboard comes free of charge with all Haldor services.