Service levels – Haldor Homework

The following service levels apply to the Haldor Homework service. For more information about the service levels, contact us.

General terms

Business Days” means days (other than a Saturday, Sunday or Swedish public holiday) on which commercial banks are generally open for business in Sweden and on which the Company office is open

Company” means the entity that is providing support service set out in this agreement

Client” means the entity seeking to procure support services and who is a party to this agreement

Technical Support

Contact Methods

All support requests can be reported to Haldor Support by email or phone.

Support requests via email are to be sent to only the Company’s support email address which is
For critical support requests (se Response levels below), phone +46 21 12 12 77

Current status information on Haldor’s services (interruptions in services or planned maintenance) can always be accessed on

Registering Support Requests

The following information should be provided by the Client in a support request:

  • Contact details of requester.
  • Description of the issue including
    • Where the issue occurs
    • Any error messages
    • Images/screenshots
  • Email address to an affected user
  • Time for last occurrence


The Company’s Support Team are available between 8:00am and 4:00pm CET on Swedish Business Days (however subject to further limitations as indicated on Company’s website) except between 24th December and 2nd January (both inclusive).

Response Levels

When a technical support request is placed with the Company’s support by the Point of Contact of the Client it will be assigned a severity level in accordance with the table below. If appropriate, the severity level may be amended during the problem resolution process, but only by mutual agreement by the Company and the Client.

The initial response time for problems and queries is dependent upon the severity level of the request. The response time for each scenario is listed in the table below. Please note these are initial response times and not time taken to resolve the support issue.

Priority levelSeverity levelDescriptionPreferred method of contactResponse time (within support availability hours)
1CriticalService down situation or a major breach in security.Phone/Email1 business day
2HighMajor service interruption, no workaround available.Email2 business days
3MediumService interruption with workaround available.

Single user impacted, business operations not directly impacted.

Email5 business days
4LowGeneral service requests and questions.Email10 business days

Haldor’s technical support definition

The following products are within the technical support scope:

  • Haldor Homework

Parents using Haldor Homework shall contact the Client for support and the Client shall in turn contact Haldor for support related to Haldor Homework and Cloud Design Box for support related to the School Data Sync.