Get started with Haldor’s educational solutions

Haldor Education is a collection of educational solutions in Microsoft Teams. By adding the “Haldor Education”-app to Teams you get access to Planning for Educators and Haldor Dashboard. Contact us if you want to use our other tools as well. This is how you get started!

Follow these steps to start using Planning for Educators and Haldor’s other solutions:

Use this link to open Microsoft Teams and add Haldor Education: Haldor Education in Microsoft Teams

Or follow these steps to add Haldor Education manually:

  • A) Open Microsoft Teams and click on “Apps” in the bottom left menu.
  • B) Search for Haldor and click on Haldor Education.
  • C) Click “Add” to add Haldor Planning and the dashboard to Teams.

An administrator in your organization needs to consent “Haldor Education”.

A) If you are an administrator you can approve “Haldor Education” for your Office 365. The approval is only needed once for your organization.

B) If you’re not an administrator you can send an email to him/her from our portal.

Go to our portal

If “Haldor Education” has already been approved, jump ahead to step 3.

A) Go to your team

B) Add a new tab by clicking on the +

C) Find and select “Haldor Education”

D) Choose the Haldor-tab and write a title

E) Press Save

You now have a Haldor tab for planning, assignments and assessments in your team.

The services will be activated within 48 hours. After that you and your students can now work with plans, assignments and assessment in Microsoft Team.

For videos and instructions on how to use our tools, visit our Knowledge base >>

Do you have any questions? Get in touch!

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