Planning by Haldor free for schools worldwide

Planning by Haldor is a solution designed to help educators plan lessons or subjects and create engaging curricula for the digital classrooms. We’re offering Planning by Haldor for free to MIE Experts, Microsoft Showcase Schools and Microsoft Global Training Partners until July 2021. Sign up now and get started!

What is Planning by Haldor?

Planning by Haldor is a planning tool for teachers seamlessly integrated in Microsoft Teams. Teachers can easily plan lessons or subjects and create engaging syllabi with Teams Assignments. This user-friendly tool gives teachers and students a clear overview of plans, Teams assignments and assessments in one tab in Teams.

Planning keeps all lesson plans, assignments, files and conversations in one place accessible on either mobile, tablet, PC or browser. This lets students access lesson materials and assignments where and whenever they want.

In addition, our Immersive Reader integration in makes learning even more accessible for all students.

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With Planning by Haldor in Teams teachers can easily

  • Create daily, weekly, monthly or yearly lesson plans for all students in a team or for a selected group.

  • Save time by working with plans, assignments and assessments in one tab in Teams.

  • Review and assess Teams Assignments in the same tab based on learning objectives.

  • Get a summarized view of all assessments which makes it easy to monitor each student’s learning progress regardless if they are in the classroom and studying from home.

  • Engage students and encourages learning with immersive plans and assignments.

  • Integrate the OneNote Class Notebook in plans to further facilitate communication with students.

  • Share plans, assignments and assessments with students.

  • Create their own curriculums with customized goals and learning objectives as well as curriculums with pre-set goals and learning objectives.

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Getting started

We have filled our Knowledge Base with videos, instructions and tips to help you get started using Planning by Haldor.

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more >>

More about the offer

Offer Period

July 15, 2020 thru June 30, 2021

Sign Up Period

July 15, 2020 thru September 30, 2020

Who is Qualified For The Offer?

*Only available for each MIEE’s associated school.

**Only available for teacher training purposes. Not for resale.

Offer Type

Free solutions (hardware and/or software apps) of currently paid products. School IT should be involved where necessary.

Offer Exclusions

  • Current paying customers of Haldor’s solution.
  • Customers in current pre-existing sales pipeline as of July 14, 2020 with Haldor.
  • Sister schools of the MIEE schools under the same school district are not qualified.
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